Obligatory Xmas Post

Well, it’s no secret that I do not care for the “Holiday Season”. (In fact, this year I have decided that the term “Holiday Season” is insulting also, seeing as only government workers and bank employees actually GET a holiday.) But I don’t want to run off on an angry tirade.
I want to talk about nail polish.
So, the best thing about Xmas, is being able to wear my glaringly green nail polishes without fear of raised eyebrows. Running in Circles by China Glaze is one of the prettiest greens I’ve ever encountered. And as usual, China Glaze does a fabulous glitter formula polish. The application is perfect, and totally opaque in two coats.
Admittedly, while at the gym for Monday’s class, I glimpsed my hand wrapped around a weight and was a bit taken aback with how appallingly loud this colour is.

china glaze running in circles
So I shall end this small but seasonally appropriate post with a favourite actress of mine, Jane Powell.

jane powell


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