Vintage Inspired Resolutions

It has been a wonderful end to the year for me. A few nights ago, my mother and her husband treated my husband and I to the Xmas pantomime at the Bailey Theatre. We go every year, and this year’s performance was just as charming and fun as all the preceding years.

It’s still a bit strange, living in Nanaimo after spending six years in Victoria. Even though we’ve been back for a year , I am still surprised to recognise familiar names and faces in unexpected places. And I’m beginning to feel my age too, as the young lion in the show turns out to be the son of the younger sister of someone I went to high school with. But I like living in Nanaimo, partly for that familiarity. I definitely think I belong here.

* * *
On to the goal making! See, I told myself I wasn’t going to resolve anymore. These kind of resolutions get forgotten so quickly, no matter how important the wish or confident the resolver. But I still think it’s important to have goals.


1. Acquisitions: Things I would like to have to support and improve my vintage look. A crinoline, a genuine Bakelite bangle, a few more charming novelty brooches, a vintage style purse, and of course HATS. Here are a few pics of my favourite shapes, today.

hat3 il_430xN_88840614 kingfisher-blue-cocktail-hat
2. Making things: I have a huge length of beautifully patterned fabric for a circle skirt, which will need to be made this year, and I also have a hat base that I plan to deconstruct and trim for a fantastic springtime “Easter” hat.

circle skirts

“Isn’t this blank magazine fascinating, Myrtle?”

(Lamest proposal ever, but Judy and Fred sure are wonderful together.)
3. I want to host an afternoon tea party this year! Complete with miniature edibles, bouquets of flowers, gloves, and great conversations. No cell phones allowed!


“Do you see what Ethel has on her head?”

4. Feel free to laugh at this one, but I want to shop at the grocery store once per week. I have a bad habit of getting off work, then running to the grocery store to buy dinner fixings, and then ending up purchasing a frozen pizza because making something is too much thought and effort. I want to be able to plan meals for a week, and shop once!

5. Obligatory health goal: I can (and will!) go down at least three dress sizes, in 2014. This is a multi-part goal. Firstly, I want to eat more real food, and less pre-packaged “food –like” products.  I love the ideas behind the Paleo Diet, and would like to incorporate a lot of them into my life.

elvgren shaping up

Second, I want to decrease my sugar intake.  I think I will make a point of not eating any sweets that I haven’t made myself.  In keeping to this rule, I will stop buying handfuls of candy, and start putting effort into curbing that sweet tooth.  If I have to make it, not only will I appreciate it more, but it will take more effort and be worth it.  ALSO, I will curb my after-dinner sweet craving with yummy tea.  David’s Tea makes an incredible rooibos blend called Crème Brûlée (not to be confused with the Crème Caramel) that adequately satisfies that craving.
And lastly I will find a way to add another workout to my week; currently I am doing three workouts a week, and one hour long vigorous tap class.

These guys are only missing bow ties and collars.

I will probably add another goal or two in the upcoming few days, but for now I think this is a reasonable, and even achievable list.  Except for those 80s short shorts.  That may be a bit extreme, even for me.


One thought on “Vintage Inspired Resolutions

  1. In regards to the sugar intake… Please use me as a support tool. This is something I need to work on myself… I am a sugar addict. I am as bad with sugar as an alcoholic is with alcohol.

    In regards to grocery storing once per week and…vintage… Take advantage of leftovers… There is nothing wrong with making a veggie lasagne or stew and having it for a couple of days. Get a slow cooker :-) throw everything before you leave for work and then when you get home… No effort required! Just grab a spoon and dig in

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