Miss White in the Lounge with the Pipe?

Last night I attended the ‘“Clue”, the Burlesque Play’, put on by Sweet Tooth Events. And HOT DAMN what a performance! I do love a strong theme, and this has got to be the most cohesive burlesque show I’ve seen yet. It was a seamless melding of charming strip show and play; the characters (for the most part!) stayed on stage in the background before and after their numbers, and even took the time to mingle in-character with the audience, during both show time and intermission.


I love how this show really embodied the playfulness I have come to expect from burlesque. It is so much more than just a ‘strip show’. All the performers were having a good time, there were many smiles and coy little wiggles to be had from everybody on stage. Also, a little live music sung by Lalani Electrica was a very welcome surprise!
To any other attendees, yes, I was the person shrieking my head off at the front table. My poor voice is suffering, today. And my inner fangirl squealed very loudly in my head when Goldie Luxe addressed me by name during the intermission; I can’t believe I replied to her so straight faced! Sadly I put my money on the wrong character for the villain, but I was still tickled with the outcome. No spoilers from me, everybody! All I will say is that I am thankful the hospital was able to admit me so quickly… *wink*

elvgren nurse

This show especially had a potent vintage flavour. The background music pre-show was fabulous, I found myself saying to my husband with almost every song “oh I love this one!” All 30s and 40s tunes, not too low key, not too high tempo. More than one costume featured layers of fringe, and several of the ladies were decked out with seamed stockings.

betty grable seams

Betty Grable’s famous legs!

Opening the show was the spectacular Professor Plum, played by Poke-A-Hotness, with her fabulous legs and fabulous attitude.

Betty Kreuger as Miss White surprised me with her effective hiding place for her pipe, and I had my eye on her the whole show, as she titillatingly tidied in the background.

This is my first time seeing Sturner Stud perform, and he was not disappointing as Mr Green! Perhaps his mimed pleasures in that length of rope were drawn from some real life experiences…

EyeCandy herself was slinky and Scarlet indeed. Usually I am not a fan of Marilyn based performances (I have a possessive sort of passion, and usually impersonations are not up to snuff,) but her diamonds routine was adorable, with a cute little surprise under her pillow.

Lalani Electrica as Miss Peacock was divinely in-character all night, and in fact did not have to strip down at all…

…Bad Cop Naughty Ninja did it all for her! She certainly showed a love of the good old-fashioned strip search.

Good Cop Tiger Goddess was adorably innocent with her themed stockings and even more fondness for the strip searching.

I was so surprised by Tsavourite as Server 2, she made her acrobatics look so easy, and I was amazed to see her keeping her cool on that small stage.

Server 1 was played by Goldie Luxe, and played very well, too. I could watch her pull her gloves off all night, she seems to know so many different ways!

Charming Vexi La Rue delighted us as Colonel Mustard; I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley with a wrench. (I’m not sure what she would want to do with it! Meow!)


As usual, I forgot my camera at home, so I have no photographs of myself, or of the show. Next time I promise I will get some picture proof of attendance. I wasn’t really decked out anyways, this time, and dressed myself fairly modestly.

I’m not usually one to keep mementos from shows, (at least not longer than a week,) but this time we won the door prize, and it will find a place of honour on my wall, as soon as I find a good frame!

2014-01-04 17.05.08


Damsels of Burlesque

I feel a bit isolated here on the Island; there aren’t a lot of people dressing outside the norm, and it doesn’t seem as though there are many folks interested in vintage.  It is a very casual lifestyle out here.  I take it upon myself to find reasons to dress up, every day.  And every get-together I attend is an excuse to dress up even more!  Life is too short to wear yoga pants and a T-shirt all the time.

In my search for other weirdoes like me, I have been drawn to the art of Burlesque.  There are two troupes (that I know of!) here in Nanaimo, and another in Parksville.  I attended my first show in September, and was blown away by the magic.  The “Suit and Tie Affair” put on by “Naughty and Spice” was fabulous!  These performers were having a blast.  And it was such an unusual crowd in attendance.  I knew I would make some friends there; and indeed I met Ruby Kitten and Bumpin’ Blossoms, two of the ladies from the Parksville troupe, “The Damsels in DisDress”.


Tonight I brought a few friends with me, to “An Evening of Burlesque” put on by the lovely “Damsels in DisDress”.  This was one of those events I had to dress up EXTRA fancy for…especially as my wedding dress is beginning to fit poorly through the hips.  This was very probably the last time I would be able to wear it.  (We will see; surely there will be a Christmas cocktail party I can flaunt it at!)

The show was incredible!  There were so many more performances than I was expecting.  Well, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I promise you I got more than whatever it was!  I am sad that I left my camera at home, especially as the host announced that photographs were welcome; just no flash.  So no pictures of either the event or myself.  Except for my nails.

Dita Nails

Happy Anniversary! and Got the Blues for Red, both by OPI

The ladies are self-described as “a classic-style Vaudeville Burlesque Troupe”, and that statement couldn’t be closer to the truth.  There was more performance than nudity, at this strip show!  Every act was well thought out and charmingly executed, and I felt like the tiny smatterings of vulgarity were a spice to the evening rather than an overpowering musk.

There was live music for several of the acts to bump to, sweet and suggestive original songs sung by the adorable Miss Candy Apples, and Jemma Riot’s enormous “Lucille Ball” eyes.  I couldn’t get enough of the group performances by the Damsels themselves; it was really fun to see more than one performer in an act.  It was amazing to see performers from the other end of the Island, coming to support this group in their first big show.  I love how close knit this community is.   (Indeed, I recognised several ladies from the Nanaimo troupes in the audience, also!)


Miss Candy Apples


The opening act; a silhouette show.


All in all it was a wonderful, wonderful experience.  I will absolutely be rushing to see another show by the Damsels, the next time around.  And so should anybody else, here on the Island!