A trip to the Tea Farm

I have been dreaming of a place like this for years.  And all of a sudden, POOF here they are!  I discovered I had a day off—actually with my husband, for a change.  So I dragged him off to the Tea Farm in Cowichan Valley.

Tea for One

You could call me an “avid tea drinker.”  I have a fairly large tea pot, 1.5L, and I drink at least one pot of tea a day.  More often, two pots a day.  Which means I spend a lot of time in the bathroom also, but I digress.  To me, a cup of tea is a warm hug at the end of the day.  I could no more imagine life without tea, than I could imagine life without nail polish.  Usually my favourites include samplings from David’s Tea; I am insane for Glitter and Gold, and Coco Chai Rooibos; and I have discovered Tea Desire’s beautiful Buddha Bamboo is the most delicious way to enjoy a summer evening.  However, I am always on the lookout for new tea.  And ever since I discovered the Tea Farm, here on the Island, I have been curious and excited.

I love what they are trying to do; in a few years, the tea plants they are cultivating will be mature enough to begin harvesting.  It is very likely we will one day have locally grown TEA!  It was a special thrill to see the tea plants on their hillside, as you drive into the farm.


The cottage itself is delightful.  It’s a tiny little wood hut, on a lovely piece of farmland, not too far off the beaten trail.  All dusted with snow, with a bit of smoke floating out of the chimney, it was a winter oasis of magic.  I am so serious, it is MAGIC.  I was surprised we didn’t see a unicorn in the field.  (Probably a bit too chilly for him.)


My husband and I had our tea served in this lovely little pot, and sipped it out of beautiful antique Russian tea cup holders.  I wanted us to try one of their blends, as this is something the venue prides itself on.  We agreed upon Cowichan Caravan Tea, and it was delectably smoky and dark.  We indulged with a slice of chocolate cake; it was truly a beautiful compliment.

IMG_20131206_1457021 IMG_20131206_145651

One of the perks of the location, is in the resident artist.  Margit makes teapots and clay dishware.  And I have to say, I was blown away with the artistry of her craft!  It was a shame we picked a day when she was all but sold out, only two teapots for sale (and that’s one of the biggest reasons for our visit!) but it was a small nick in an otherwise amazing first visit.


We DID have the opportunity to examine the spectacular giant teapot on display, however.  I was stunned to discover it was completely glazed on the inside and functional.  This gorgeous thing was at least three feet tall.  I am now convinced I need to own one of Margit’s amazing masterpieces. Just look at the detail along the inside of the lid!


Beauty and function and local craftsmanship. Perfect!



Upon arriving at home, I quickly brewed up my purchase for the day; a nice big pot of Rooster.  (I have a thing for spiced teas, if you didn’t notice.)  And it was a perfect end to a lovely day.  Thank you, Tea Farm folks!  You will see me again for sure!