OPI “Glitter Off” Base Coat Review Part 2

First Day: I arrived at work, took off my glove, and discovered a good sized chip in my left pointer finger. All I did that morning was make breakfast, crochet, and practise a little tap.

I started to close the store at the end of my shift, only to notice a gigantic chip on my right pointer finger! And being an inexperienced blogger, I forgot to take a picture before fixing it. Apologies!

So far, the damage for day one is minimal. Nothing abnormal, aside from those two dings. I repaired the chips and went to bed.

Second Day: I got average wear this day, nothing significant happened and I only suffered average tipwear. I stuck a row of “I Snow You Love Me” by OPI sequins down my ring fingers to jazz them up a bit.

Third Day: Abnormally extreme tipwear on my left pointer and index fingers, this day, but normal tipwear everywhere else. I do find glitter polishes to often break apart in pieces, instead of even rubbed-off wear like a normal polish.  These rough edges tend to grab everything I touch in the most annoying way.

2014-03-06 23.33.35

Day three. I NEVER get extreme tipwear like this!

Verdict:  I removed the polish by the recommended means; that is, chipping it off using a tool and my other nails.  And while it took a moment to figure out a technique for removal, I have to say it left my nails a bit sore and achy, and I had a very slight (and I mean VERY slight) amount of damage to the surface of the nail plate.  Nothing that a quick run over with my buffer couldn’t fix.  The base coat was pretty adhesive, and it probably took me as much time to remove it this way as the glitters usually do to remove via acetone or polish remover.  I think I will try two coats of the product next time, before I relegate it to the never-use-again drawer.

2014-03-06 23.57.01

The aftermath.

I also ended up wiping a bit of nail polish remover over my nails anyways, to remove any clingy bits.