OPI “Glitter Off” Base Coat Review Part 1

I know this isn’t technically vintage, but we can argue that mid-century ladies had a strong fondness for lacquered fingernails, and frankly so do I.

I ran into the supplier on Saturday to grab some acetone, as I was en route to remove a friend’s acrylic nails, and while paying I noticed a small OPI display of “Glitter Off” natural nail base coat. I was intrigued, and went home to research the product. (Who doesn’t hate glitter polish for its painfully time-consuming and work-intensive removal?) Shockingly, I discovered nothing but press releases! Quick as a bunny I flew back to grab a bottle, so I could test it out.

The instructions on the attached mini-booklet are deceptively simple. “Apply a thin coat; dry completely; apply polish. To remove, gently push and peel it all off.” Now, because I like to wear my polish for three to four days at a time, I am proceeding with an ever so slightly tweaked application. I polished the base coat with a tiny bit of room before hitting my cuticle. The polish is ever so slightly back from that edge. And my topcoat will be over everything, including that bare nail. Hopefully this will seal in the edges until I am actually ready to peel.

So far, everything has proceeded as normal.  No issues with application, nor with the addition of the colour or topcoat.  Dry time of the base on its own is minimal, only a few minutes.  And it doesn’t seem to have affected dry time for the rest of the layers.  Two coats of the polish shade, and the top coat I used was Lumos.

Glitter Off Demo

I even drew a picture to illustrate the adjusted technique.

2014-03-04 00.37.35

Totally polish free. Yes they are a bit yellow.

2014-03-04 00.40.28

The base coat dries clear, but looks like this initially. It has almost no odor at all, but for a faint ‘Elmers Glue’ like hint.

2014-03-04 01.12.58

All done! This colour is China Glaze “Some Like it Haute”. (I bought nearly everything from this collection. I am sure it is obvious why. <3) This colour is AWFUL to remove, which is why I seldom wear it.

This product was not sent for review.  Stay tuned for a future post: The Outcome!



Hooray! My alarm went off at a painful hour, and I dragged myself from my warm bed, and I dressed and made up and sat for ten minutes under my hood dryer to make sure my hair was fully set….all in the name of Vintage Hunting! Today was the exciting and wonderful Vintage Victoria Fair.
However, being a colossal fool, although I had my camera with me, I did not remember to snap any pictures. So you’ll just have to believe me when I say the fair was chock full of amazing things. It was impossible to know where to look first!
This fair felt much smaller than the last one I went to, but it could have just been the venue. The one on September 29th was at the Victoria Crystal Gardens, and it was laid out a bit more simply. This fair was in several rooms in the basement and annex of Fairfield United Church. I have to admit though, the setting was a bit more appropriate to a vintage goods sale, than the Crystal Gardens, even though it was a bit more crowded.
I dragged two friends along with me, and there were many scores to be had. I shopped modestly, being on a budget, and my first score was a fantastic black velvet hat. This thing looks like it has always belonged on my head. Seeing as it’s a Juliet cap sort of style, I am going to guess it’s from somewhere in the 1950s. It looks too quiet for a 1940s hat. The label says “PIKO Paris New York”. If anybody knows anything about the brand, please share! I’ve not found anything conclusive on the google machine.
Among my gleeful finds today was a lovely acetate scarf, and a charming set of earrings and brooch. Also an Xmas present, but I can’t spill the beans until after December 25th on that little treasure!

2013-11-09 22.08.14

I’ve been calling it my brain coral jewelry…

And of course, thanks to yesterday’s stupendous haircut, I also had an UTTERLY adorable ‘do. I love how fresh cut hair feels! I encountered trouble when I tried to wet-set it though; all those lovely fresh snipped ends REFUSED to tuck into the middle of the curl as I was forming it. I had to keep fiddling with the darned hair to get it to cooperate, and instead of saving me time, it cost me.  Oh well.

2013-11-09 09.38.57

Almost Lauren Bacall!

I forgot to photograph my hand with the lovely “I Have a Herring Problem” by OPI on it, which I did wear mid-week too.

2013-11-03 10.15.18

OPI “I Brake for Manicures”

2013-11-05 13.11.49

OPI “I Brake for Manicures” with a coat of China Glaze “Get Carried Away” overtop.

2013-11-09 02.42.25

Essie “Fishnet Stockings”

If anybody is wondering how to accomplish the half-moon manicure easily, you’re in luck! I drew up a quick tutorial a few weeks ago, which can be found on deviantART here.

And before I depart, I will add that the Essie “Fishnet Stockings” had a horrible formula. It leaked into my cuticles everywhere, but was too thick to nudge close to the sidewall of my nail. And once I got into daylight I was horrified to discover pale holes in the polish where the second coat had dragged a little pit in the first coat. I am not impressed. All my previous experience with Essie has been positive. This one will be passed off to a friend (with warning, of course!) And it’s such a shame, too, as the colour is stunning!