‘Tis the Season for Parties

The season of partying is upon us! Most of the time, social get-togethers are easy to navigate. But I still observe plenty of party fouls even at the fanciest of events. Here’s a few things to keep in mind, from getting ready, to actual attendance.

* * *

Dress up! Remember, if you’re the best dressed, you set the tone for the party. And if you look fantastic, you’ll be less inclined to worry about what you could have worn instead.

ann miller on the town ii

Ann Miller in “On the Town”

If it’s a costume or a theme party, you can NOT “just skip” the theme. The hosts have put a lot of thought and effort into this party, and it will be disrespectful to brush-off their endeavors so lightly. Head to the dollar store, and grab a few items to create a costume. You don’t have to go full throttle, but you do have to make some sort of attempt.


This costume is nothing but a hat. And attitude.

Always bring a homemade dish to a potluck. If you refuse to cook, at least cut your own veggies for the veggie platter. (It’s cheaper, too!)  Xmas parties are a great time to show off your favourite go-to party dish. Even if you’re the devilled egg girl (like me!) people will be impressed and grateful for a hand crafted yummy. Make a point of being really good at creating at least ONE party dish. Practise!  Find something you love, and learn to make it quickly and well. My mother makes these squares that are impossibly delicious, and she has to bring an extra box to the party for the host, just so the rest of the guests even get some.


Have something fun to talk about! Spend a few minutes considering the recent events of your life, and decide on something to say when someone asks you ‘what’s new?’ Because they will, and it’s a huge conversation killer when you reply: “Nothing.”


Ava Gardner

Please don’t drink yourself stupid. Especially if it’s a work party! Have two drinks, and then stop to evaluate how loudly you are screaming answers to casual questions. Being the drunk everyone talks about the next day is never a nice position to be in.


“Beer goes very well with beer. MORE BEER!”

Try one of everything! But don’t eat the entire plate. You want to be able to respond “yes!” when Susie Jane asks you the next day if you tried her spiced prune wheels. (“I’m on this diet where I don’t eat rehydrated seasoned fruit right now,” is a terrible answer to that question.)


For the love of Pete, PLEASE leave your phone in your purse. And turn the ringer off! It is never appropriate to be “socializing” in person and also be texting on your phone. It’s one thing to whip out the portable Google to verify a term in a game of Cards Against Humanity, it’s entirely another to be talking to a good friend, while staring at a tiny phone screen and typing to another. It is truly pathetic to see so many people forgoing actual social contact, for digital aloofness.


And while I’m on the subject, turn your ringer to vibrate please. It’s okay if YOU know you’re popular, but you don’t need to interrupt every conversation with constant ringtones to prove your social status.


You hate so-and-so’s girlfriend, but she’s at the party, and you see her spy you from across the room and head your way. Don’t be a jerk and run away! Smile, exchange a few words, then develop a sudden need to powder your nose so you can escape the conversation graciously. It never hurts to be polite.


And lastly, tuck a set of “Cards Against Humanity” in your car. ‘Cause you never know!  This game will liven up any party.



Victory Rolls!

Today I was brave enough to wear victory rolls in my hair to work! I tested them out over the Halloween week, asking everybody who was unfortunate enough to make eye contact with me if my hairstyle was work-appropriate. It turns out that I am way too conscious about these little things.



But I am still not brave enough to have my rolls upright! One toe at a time, I am gingerly easing into this vintage look. I made an appointment to have my hair cut (it’s getting too long to pin curl quickly) so these are the last photographs at this length!  More pics to come tomorrow.


Still pretty close to my head.

The rolls are a perfect way to disguise the fact that my hair is beginning to need a wash. Before, I just threw a couple of combs into the side to pull it back, but I think I like this option better. I grabbed a couple of barrettes from the dollar store, and have been itching to try a “Samantha Stevens” hairstyle! She usually has it clipped in the back in a half up, half down sort of ‘do. It makes me smile to notice how the sixties hairstyles often seem to look like grown-out and inflated fifties hairstyles.


The adorable Elizabeth Montgomery.

At this length, it takes me about an hour to pin curl my whole head. I am looking forward to a shorter ‘do, mainly to cut down on setting time. But of course when I’m curly, I don’t have to wash my hair every other day, so it ends up saving me time and energy in the long run. PLUS, when I wake up I don’t have to think about what to do with my hair that day. I can just unpin, brush, and I’m done!

A Journey in the Right Direction

I am a work in progress.  I suppose we could all say this of ourselves, but I feel like I have been really working towards a goal.  And this goal is a vintage lifestyle.

I am at a point in my life where I have decided to please myself, even if it means being the only lady in town to do her grocery shopping in a circle skirt, and to bring devilled eggs or Jell-o salads to potluck dinners.  Life is too short to be someone other people think I should be.  But it has taken a long time to learn this lesson, and it’s going to take a long time to implement the many changes (let’s call them “upgrades!”) I wish to accomplish.

To me, a Vintage Lifestyle is one that embraces the benefits of the old-fashioned-modern way of life.  So I aim to collect (and use!) old bakeware, and to cut down my curtains into clothing when their lives are done gracing my windows.  I want to sew my own clothing and trim my own hats.  I will scrub my house top to bottom with baking soda and vinegar concoctions instead of noxious store-bought cleaners, and wear a cute apron while I do it!  A Vintage Lifestyle is about being green and thrifty, creatively solving household problems and employing long lasting solutions.  This is who I want to be!

And not just to pin curl my hair and wear wiggle dresses.  Although I intend there to be plenty of that in my future, too.  So here’s to my journey backwards, with all it entails!

My first real vintage hat!

My first real vintage hat!